Perseverance, Determination, and Passion

  Hi everyone,

I  drew these two pictures about a year ago,

the left one first, then the right one.

I  colored in these drawing with color pencils.

It represents perseverance and determination.

Because everyone in the world goes through tough times,

but to be honest  not all of us make it through.

Even if you know you’re not going to make it, do it anyway.

So the next time you’re faced with (a) challenge, change, or tough times.

Keeping going, put passion ahead of you, make the best of it,

accept it’s actually happening and push through it.

That’s all it takes.

– Janya signing off

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Have a spectacular day!



Billie Eilish Drawing


Hi everyone,

this is a color pencil  portrait of Billie Eilish, I also used a white gel pen and a fine-tip black pen. It took me about 2- 3 days to finish it.  I drew the circles to compliment her earrings.   Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. Comment below, what’s your favorite Billie Eilish song.

Janya signing off!


Creatures of the Earth


Hey everyone,

this drawing was done in a cartoon style, with mostly curved lines and less detail using color pencils.  I used  small strokes that were evident. Remember to care for animals and show them some love (some animals might be dangerous but you can  help /protect them in different ways).

– Janya signing off!


True Reflections: perspectives


Hi everyone, 

I created this acrylic painting to represent perspective/reflections

What do you see?

    1. a girl looking over  her reflection and how she sees herself now/ in her future/who she  represents.                                           

    2.  two figures looking over each other  with opposite perspectives of the world.

     3.  A human and a mermaid noticing each other’s struggles as thorns in each of their lives.

    4.   two figures in the snow, gazing at the sky.
    5. A girl picturing herself as who she is at heart ♥.
     6. Something you can’t describe.

7. If you picture something different/ or familiarize with something listed here  comment down below on what your perspective is.

 – Janya signing out

Reach the skies


Hello readers,

Today is a very exciting day because *cue drum-roll*, it is my blog’s anniversary!

It has officially been 3 years since I started my blog.  So to celebrate this special day, I took on painting.

In my painting I created a scene with a lake

That inspires you to wonder and awake

With skies of red and yellow

Creates a spark of mellow

Shades of blue sparkling at noon

The water reflecting the  moon

The stars of knowledge in the gradient skies

with an isolated moon to watch them fall and rise

the hill top on which no-one stood

one sail-boat decides it could

– Janya signing out!

A Fierce Dragon Watching Over the Universe

IMG_4805Hi readers, remember to stay safe, smart, and strong!

I finished the drawing of this detailed dragon today,

this art piece was made  with color pencil,

outlined in black pen and embellishments were added with a uni-ball Figno gel pen.

I used only (excluding black and white) shades of blue and green.

I love it’s fierce look and I’m pretty excited about it since it is only my second dragon.

Thank to everyone who reads my blog!

– Janya signing off!

Water Dragons inspired by the one and only Nessie!

IMG_4818 Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing great!

These water dragons were drawn in color pencil,

lined in black pen and embellishments

where added with the white uni-ball gel pen.

I used the relatives of cool colors for the

dragon on the right and a mix of warm colors

for the dragon on the left.

– Janya signing out!

Happy Easter!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hi everyone,  happy Easter! I  decided to paint/sketch  Easter eggs, I used brush, metallic, and gel pens/markers. I have pictures of them above accompanied with nicknames and a title stating happy Easter. Comment below which one you like best.

– Janya signing off!

Minnie, going back to 1928


This is the first time I drew Minnie, I like the way it turned out. It’s fun to step back and draw cartoon characters. I used only a few classic colors ( Noir Black, Rose Red, Yellow Ochre,  White Quartz and a little bit of Space Gray.)

– Janya signing off


 No One to Trust Except Sisters

Winner of Short Story Contest: Janya, (12-14 Age Category), Milpitas Library

November 2019

 No One to Trust Except Sisters             

The thin wispy clouds were tangled with the twilight sky. I stared out the open car window, the wind combing through my long, dark tresses. “Are we there yet?” I asked my eldest sister, Cassie for the fifty seventh time no eighty seventh time. “Almost, just around the corner, Liz.” Replied Cassie. I looked at Suzanne, my younger sister facing the window. I put my hand in hers, she turned and her almond colored eyes met with mine. “Don’t be nervous, Suzanne” I told her softly. “I’m not” She replied hastily a clear sign she was.

Our parents Mrs. and Mr. Caraway usually come with us but as world travelers they had a last minute project. So Cassie, Suzanne and I are on our own to the Heather family home, they were our cousins or so we were told.

Cassie parked the car. We each carried our suitcases and stepped in unison toward the wooden cabin-like house. The porch stairs creaked. I looked to the side and noticed a stone statue of a dwarf, its mouth in an ugly frown, one of its spindly arms raised up, palm forward. As if it was saying “Stop, don’t go in!” I raised my hand toward the door, then paused. “Why don’t you knock?” I tell Suzanne. “I can’t even reach it!” she complained. “Ugh enough, I’ll do it!” Cassie shouted over our voices.  “Sisters!” she mumbled, about to knock Cassie lifted her hand “Creeaak!” The door opened revealing a lady her hair with streaks of gray tied in a bun. Her gray eyes tired but she was persistent to keep a smile. “Oh welcome Lizzian, Cassie, and…” She looked at Suzanne searching her mind. “Suzanne.” I finished for her. “Oh yes, sorry about that, I’m Mrs. Heather.” “Come in girls you are going to have so much fun, but we’ll leave today for rest since you must be so tired, your room is down the corridor, and Mr. Heather will be back in the morning.

After Mrs. Heather left, we heard “Un deux trois …” then a small “Hello?” broke the silence. We turned around to find a tiny girl, her brown hair short and bangs right over her brows. “My name is Louise, I’ll show you your room.” She said. “My name is Cassie and they are–” Cassie was cut off by Louise “- Lizzian and Suzanne.” Louise finished. “What are you waiting for?” Louise proclaimed.

We followed Louise down the narrow hallway. “So let me guess, parents are busy and you have to spend rest of your summer here.” Louise said casually. “How did you know?” I retorted. “I know everything besides, Ma tells me everything.” Louise replied. “But Mrs. Heather didn’t say anything about you.” Suzanne told Louise before I could stop her. Louise didn’t say anything but I could tell she was frowning even in the dark.

“Here’s your room.” she said. We walked in the room, waited for our eyes to adjust to the light and dropped our suitcases in the corner. The walls were mint green and white. The bed had red reindeer designs all over, beside it a bright red closet.  . There was one tall window with a red frame. It appeared to be the most colorful part of  the house. “It looks like Christmas in here.” Cassie remarked. “Oui, Ma used to be obsessed with Christmas and winter… until…” Louise said softly looking like she was about to let out a few tears. “Good night, Caraways!” she said instead, smiling then she left. I threw myself against the bed, Suzanne and Cassie joined in. “Good night.” I whispered. “Good Night” they whispered back in a chorus. I somehow fell asleep in the cold, hard bed.

“Thud, thud, thud ….. Thud, thud, thud” Suzanne got up, peered through the window and screamed. I woke up still hazy. Hitting her head against the window was a cloaked girl. Her skin white and gray and terribly frostbitten. Her eyes replaced by empty sockets. She jumped at the window and vanished. We heard a deep growl. “Sue, come here! “I tugged her arm. We stood there frozen with fear. Cassie woke up “What are you doing?”

“There was” – I caught my breath, “a girl with frostbite, banging on the window!” “With no eyeballs!!!” Suzanne added making it kind of unbelievable. “Yeah! Right I’m sooooo scared!!” Cassie said sarcastically. “Next time keep the tomfoolery to yourself!” Cassie shouted. “They are not lying, I saw her too” said a soft voice. We turned to see Louise. “I saw her, she spoke to me, and she wants you to leave… forever and…” Louise continued. We heard another growl as the floor broke into two, the wooden floor boards breaking in groans. “Caraways!!” said a disembodied voice, “It’s time to wake up!”

I gasped, it was Mrs. Heather “Breakfast time!” she said cheerfully. I looked at my sisters “we need to talk” I mouthed. We hastily ate our pancakes and thanked Mrs. and Mr. Heather. Cassie finished first then left for a while. I wondered why Louise didn’t come for breakfast. Louise however decided to come along for the meeting. We all sat around a pink rug in Louise’s room. Awkward silence. “So I had a weird dream,” I started then explained everything. Their eyes opened wide as I spoke, apparently they had the exact same dream. “This is not normal, you have to leave now” Louise said loudly then softly she added “connected dreams are a bad sign.”

Mrs. Heather came in “Girls, you have to try my lemon cookies”. “No thanks” we replied. “All Caraways are allergic to lemon” I lied when she looked at me persistently, I didn’t want to try anything from this house anymore. “Alright” she said in a rough tone. My sisters eyed me. When Mrs. Heather left the room, glass shattered behind us. It was the window, the curtain flew up to revealing a storm outside. “I’ll tell my Ma about this,” said Louise leaving the room.

“Did you see her locket?” I asked my sisters. “It has the picture of the cloaked girl we saw; with the words ‘Always in Remembrance’.” “She looked like Louise, does that mean Louise … is the girl?”  My sisters’ faces turned white in horror. “But that’s not possible, let’s just leave.”

“Mrs. Heather can we go to the park?” I asked trying to smile. “It’s raining cats and dogs.” She replied. “That’s what makes it so fun, besides we have plenty of umbrellas.” Piped in Suzanne with the most adorable face. “Fine.” said Mrs. Heather. Clearly she was holding a grudge for the cookie incident. “Thank you so much Mrs. Heather!” I said.

“Let’s get into our car and leave.” I whispered, “What about our stuff?” Suzanne asked. “It’s in our car, I packed it in this morning, so we could leave.” Cassie flushed red.

We drove for an hour, our minds tangled in a million thoughts.

“Thud. Thud. Thud!”

Suzanne screamed, “It’s her, it’s her!!” “You think you can just leave?” asked a familiar voice. The girl’s hood was off, she was tiny with short brown hair and bangs. She was frostbitten and her eyes were dark. It was LOUISE!

Louise was in front of our car, banging on the window. She seemed to be getting weaker, she became pale and transparent. Louise screeched “Come back, reviens maintenant!!” “Don’t look, don’t listen!” screamed Cassie. She drove at breakneck speed.

Finally we lost her. I hugged Suzanne tightly. “I’ve got your back and I know you’ve got mine.” Suzanne whispered. “Always.” I whispered back!


Learn to draw eyes


As the year 2019 comes to an end, I would like to thank everyone for their love and cheers. As a Thank You gesture, I have a tutorial video for you!
Happy New Year!!!
Looking forward to many more magical adventures in 2020!

Check out my video tutorial on “How to draw eyes!”


Animal: Wolf🐺

This is my first attempt at a detailed wolf, I took some time looking at photographs of real wolves to draw this. It was satisfying to draw since it is one of my favorite animals.

Caption: Detailed portrait of a gray wolf.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Emblem

hogwarts emblemThe drawing  is the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Emblem.

In the upper left is the house of


The Gryffindor house was founded by Godric Gryffindor. Students sorted into Gryffindor by the sorting hat are known for their daring, courageous, brave and determinant character.

In the upper right


  The Slytherin House was founded by Salazar Slytherin. Slytherins are cunning, prideful, and ambitious.  

Lower left


Hufflepuff was founded by Helga Hufflepuff and  students sorted into hufflepuff are fair, humble and hardworking

Lower right


This house founded by Rowena Ravenclaw.  Students in Ravenclaw are known for their wisdom, knowledge, cleverness, perfection and sharpness .

Did you know?

The Hogwarts motto is to “ Never tickle a sleeping dragon!”

-Janya signing off!




The Lady in Black & White


The Lady in Black and White

Hi everyone, this is another piece I whipped up for a former sales event.

The contrast between the white paper and the black ink is very capturing to the eye.

The  young lady’s  dress itself is made up of various patterns.

I love the way the red neck piece, belt, bracelet and shoes accents the patterned dress.

I added a vague layer of lemon yellow around the figure, to capture the eye and to not have the  lady blending too  much with the other patterns.

That particular week I was in a streak with a lemon yellow touch.

I  especially enjoy drawing lots intricate patterns in black ink.

–  Janya  signing off!

Shadow cat version 3


Hi readers, shadow cat version 3 is finally here! This version is inspired by version 2, but, honestly i do not know which part of the day this is.  You may have already noticed the  big difference, shadow cat’s got a friend! Finally, shadow cat can watch the beautiful moonrise and set with a best friend . I used different colored crayons for the background by the time i was  finished with the background my hands ached with pain and my palm was faintly colorful. I created this for a sales event at my school and it got sold! But, now i miss it and i am actually kind of sad…                          P.S. Don’t forget! 🙂  About the Pixel Billboard Contest,

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⚜️Harry Potter⚜️

IMG_9579  This is the portrait I made of Harry Potter.

I also added Hedwig and a few other things as for what happened  in the books and  bit  of personality and a part of life.

If you liked this post comment below, follow my blog and/or like my posts.   I love how it turned out!

P.S. Don’t forget! 🙂  About the Pixel Billboard Contest,

Please Vote for Me

I have joined the billboard contest at Pixels. 

Here is my entry link to “Vote”

I would really appreciate your votes! Thank you. The last date for voting is 31st July, which is coming soon!\

PLEASE NOTE: The Drawing Above Is Not What I Entered In The Contest.

Father’s Day Card Ideas ~ To Bloom Creativity and Inspiration!

IMG_9588IMG_9590IMG_9592IMG_9596Hi friends, I made Father’s Day cards and I wanted to share these cards for inspiration, so you can show  your gratefulness and love to your father or fatherly figure(s).

Father’s Day is a  joyful celebration honoring fathers or fatherly figures and celebrating fatherhood. So I hope to inspire you to make your own card and fill it with admiration and thankfulness. Remember cards aren’t the only way to let your father know how grateful you are. A  gentle hug, kind words, a  warm smile or a reminder of how grateful you are is sweet too.

Happy Father’s Day!!!!!!!!

Enough reading  already, go ahead and make a card, you are welcome to share your cards here!

– Janya signing off!

Bold and bright, Dragoness of the rainbow arcs, and flying/dancing wonder



Hi readers, my school had a Flea Market: a market which was outdoor selling handmade crafts or art, store brought food, and other goods that can be second handed. Of course I was selling my art, these are a few of my magical art masterpieces, Bold and bright, Dragoness of the rainbow arcs, and flying/dancing wonder.

I hope you guys love my art work, please comment, share, and follow my blog. I always love support from all of you, it makes me feel so grateful and appreciated! More artwork coming up!

– Janya signing off

#CartoonItMyWay: Fluttershy, Carmen Sandiego, The Elf on the Shelf, and Mia

IMG_0158IMG_0172 (1)IMG_0170 (1)


Hi readers, it’s my second year of blogging so it is my blog anniversary I am very excited since I am going to celebrate by drawing  “Kawaii Art” my favorite new style of art so far this year! (👩‍🎨🎉🏆🎁🎈😁😃

But before that, meet…


Fluttershy one of the main characters of “Equestria Girls: Friendship is Magic”.  She is very shy and is uncertain about herself but with help from her friends she overcomes her fears.  She loves taking care  of animals/nature,  her pet is Angel, an adorable but sometimes picky bunny. Fluttershy also represents the element of kindness and butterflies represent her.

Carmen Sandiego: 💃

 Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego, la femme rouge has everyone on the edge of their seat! A brave, adventurous heroine, formerly raised on “The Villains’ International League of Evil (V.I.L.E. for short) is a league made of the most dangerous thieves and criminals in time and in the world.” Although with the evil nudge from V.I.L.E. she decided to be good! She worked against vile, she became a thief who only steals from other thieves to save the world!

Elf on the shelf: 🎅

The elf on the shelf is Santa’s assistant, she helps Santa figure out who’s naughty and who’s nice. She could even be watching you right now!!! Better be good or you’ll get a lump of coal on Christmas! She mostly wears her classic: red leggings, snowflake skirt, full-on top with ruffle sleeves, her santa hat and she will always wear her smile!

Mia : 👩‍🦰

This red haired girl is anything but afraid, she is smart, funny,  adventurous and cool! Mia is one of the girls from ” LEGO friends: Girls on a mission”, Stephanie, Andrea, Olivia and Emma. P.S. herself. Mia and her friends work together to save heartlake city they are true heroes although they don’t have a team name yet!





Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Hermione with the Time Turner



Hi readers,

in the drawing i drew Hermione Granger

(Who actually is Emma Watson the actress playing Hermione)

So Hermione is a student at Hogwarts, an academy for wizards, sorcerers and  good witches.

She, Harry Potter and Ron (Ronald Weasley ) go on unexpected adventures!

Hermione is a sarcastic, fun and enjoyable character if you get to know her.

I hope you enjoy my drawing!

–  Janya signing off!

PS there is a picture of her below.

The credit for picture go to the Movie, Behind the scenes, and other resources, i don’t own the pictures

Meet May-Lee and Owlicious

mandala bird mandala owl

“Meet my new  friends May Lee, the peacock and Owlicious, the owl!” 

I sketched out my feather-worthy friends with a black  pen.     

The peacock was drawn recently, and the owl  was drawn 1 year ago.

You may see the improvement i had in the two drawings!

You may  also notice the writing is shorter, from now on i will post mini pieces of writing about the art.

– Janya signing out!


To new beginnings – Caricature


Hi everyone,

Happy New Year!

I went to Santa Cruise Boardwalk, it was super fun,

And there I saw a lady at a stand,

drawing caricatures**  for people.

I watched her draw two men, it was beautiful.

Since it’s a new year and I never done a caricature before,

I got back home,

and began drawing my dad in a caricature version.

I love trying new things and will maybe try even more new

and amazing things!

I love how it turned out, it looked truly magical!

I used bright colors, I tried my best, of course!


Definition: When people or animals are drawn, in a cartoonish way, often enlarging, or minimizing (basically exaggerated) certain unique / striking facial features/ characteristics. With usage of minimal lines but still quite a realistic look with a touch of cartoonism creating a comic feel /grotesque effect.  Sometimes with extra props in the background. Where: Caricatures are mostly done in tourist spots, or fairs, famous events and many more places.

Please comment below!

– Janya signing off

Kawaii Art


Hi readers,

I went to my public library, in the new book section was a book called “Kawaii doodle class sketching super – cute tacos, sushi, clouds, flowers, and more” it is by Zainab Khan creator of pic candle. And because I love drawing, of course I had to check it out!

Once I opened the book, I just loved the kawaii style.

By, now you’d be wondering “what is kawaii?”


Kawaii kind of means cute or cuteness in Japanese, it can be used to name anything cute, but who knew it would become a famous art style, that clearly defines cute! Kawaii art can be a little different depending on who describes it, but most people would say  they are drawn with simple black outlines and colored with pastel colors and are  mostly inanimate objects, that have a rounded appearance, with a face (that looks very cute) they are sometimes drawn with oversized heads and quite smaller bodies! Their expressions are minimal. (The picture below of a  light pink strawberry is done by Zainab Khan all credits go to her for the picture of a strawberry)


I hope you like my kawaii drawing, it’s my first attempt. I kept the theme of artistic objects that most people use to make art! Some mini scenes have meaning and morals, or quotes! I did not look inside the book while drawing, this came out of my inspiration, while I was looking at my workspace at the crayons and the pencils that is how I got the idea! I may color this art piece, if so I’ll post it, but I am not sure. I would love it if you send me some kawaii pictures that you have hand-drawn! Oh, and by the way which is your favorite character comment down below!

– Janya signing out!



Colors amidst the black & white – The California Fires

The recent California fires have affected many people, animals, and things in/ near Paradise badly. It was very saddening to watch the news. But not all is lost, it’s not the things or the houses that make Paradise, it’s the people, their unique, loving personality that made Paradise a beautiful place that is very, very special and it was horrifying what happened during the terrible fires. “We need to restore the precious Paradise, and keep the rest of the world protected at the same time!”

My drawing is about the fires. From the black ashes,Paradise is born again. As I’ve shown in my drawing sometimes, somethings may leak through, because no one can stop everything, but we can if we try hard, have hope and believe in the impossible, (those hands represents people keeping the rest of the world safe and restoring the lost).

In my drawing the hands (which represents people – YOU)  are trying to keep the bird (People of Paradise) safe from danger, just like many people did during the fires, they helped other people, neighbors, friends to escape the fires. They were brave, they took a risk for someone else, they were self-less and a hero, and you can be one too! I wish to applaud each and every person who was a hero that day.

I hope everyone reading this will spend a few minutes praying for the people of Paradise, make donations and or volunteer your time and skills.

“We need to take action, we need to do it together!”

Prayers & hugs,



LEGO Desk Organizer!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Ciao nî hâo” and lkonnichiwa!” (“It means hello in Chinese and Japanese”)

Have you ever wondered or wished if  you can  be “organized” and have  “fun” at the same time? Well, it looks like it finally came true! As you can see above in the picture, I have made a LEGO construction, you may be thinking “what is it?

Well here’s your answer! I made a LEGO desk organizer that can hold  certain supplies like pencils, markers, pens, etc. There’s a special area where you can put your favorite writing tool!(I put my purple marker there!) It can hold your hair accessories. It even has a coin bank and a mini shelf! Wait! I’m not done yet!! It also has a little area where you can keep whatever you want! I am proud of this creation because it’s an original!! I added special touches and put my heart into this!

P.S  Here’s a “secret misson” for you ~ see if you can find a tiny robot, a light pink flower, a white envelope, a yellow crab and two newspapers! Comment below if you found all of these!

Janya signing off!


one with the nature – peacock

crayon (5)

Hi readers

Bonjour, Hola, Namaste welcome to my blog,

I drew this picture of a beautiful and colorful peacock as a present for my grandparents.I am glad they loved it!I really put a lot in this piece of art! I love how it turned out!!..


… I used special type of  watercolor- pencils(I  used a lots of (colors)so that when  you add a touch of H2o ( also known as water) it makes the color pop!!I think the peacock’s expression looks as if it’s calm, relaxed and a little bit shy! oh! and what are your favorite animals? mine are dolphins, dogs, tropical birds and peacocks of course!in fact i like all animals:) what you think? have any questions  comment below, I would love to hear your answers!!!


💦Rainy days💦




Hi readers, you probably know i love sketching, i sketch all the time, sketching is the foundation of drawing! So in the picture above i drew a young girl, walking from school to home. She is holding up a umbrella and she has a mini suitcase bag. It is also raining but more like drizzling. She reminds me of Nancy Drew**. I hope you like my sketch, I personally love it! 

** Nancy Drew is a famous detective in a book series who solves cases and is really  smart. Its such a good book I encourage you to read the Nancy Drew series too! 

– Janya signing off!

Happy Halloween! 2018

witch painting.jpg

Hi guys, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Today I was so inspired by the Halloween theme!   I  drew this drawing (it may not be spooky but it still looks cute!) with a witch (Lucy Brush) (a good witch!) sitting in an open forest mountain scene. She has her trusty cat friend (sunrise/ sunny) who loves going on adventures! I made vines along with flowers hang from the top, I think it looks beautiful!

In the picture, Lucy Brush, the witch has her hat and the chatty pumpkin with her. The sunrise looks beautiful along with the mountains and plants.

I picture Lucy as a kindhearted, beautiful (on the inside and the outside) and a hero! What do think Lucy looks like? Comment below!  BONUS FUN: send a picture of how Lucy might look like!

– Janya signing off!


Charcoal Crazy!

charcoal 1

charcoal 2

Hi readers, guess what?

I went to the Yosemite Mountains “it is beautiful” the flowers, trees and the birds!  Anyway, we walked and walked through the trails when we came upon a tree; it was burnt for some reason, it was so shrunk in size compared to the other  super tall and ginormous trees so might as well as call it a tree stump.

Wait before you continue here’s a little joke! : How did the tree stump feel when she wasn’t tall enough to go on a roller coaster called paseo aéreo imposible? (which means  impossible air ride!)Ans : She was much stumped!


Now where was I? Oh right so I was like

burnt tree left = coal + creative artist = a coal masterpiece!

so I broke off a couple of pieces like 2 – 3 and wrapped it in a napkin so I don’t get hands messy because it was still wet it kept on breaking apart! When I came back home I couldn’t draw because it was still wet coal; so I waited a couple of days before I started. I loved how even if you make a mistake you can fix it! It also blends very well, my hands got so messy during the process, but that didn’t matter after I finished drawing, just my work did! the one I did with my grid paper was for practice, I personally think that it looks better than the one on top but I really like how wonderful it turned out! Hopefully you like this post. I would love to hear from you, if you have something you want me to try drawing, “I am always up for challenges!”

Don’t forget to comment below!

~ Janya signing off!



My School Project :)

Hello Dear Readers,

​I hope you like the Tiger Stripes video that i made using pic-collage between the time of 2017-2018 as a school project. STRIPES is an acronym and you’ll find out more when you see it. This video took a long time to get done but it was fun to make. My math teacher Mr. Huang helped with the final version. Don’t forget to keep the volume up.. I composed the song ‘Monday blues’ on my piano. I hope you like this video because I put a lot of effort into this and I loved how it turned out! Please comment below and subscribe to my channel!🧜🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧞‍♀️🦄

Friends forever


I would rather walk with a friend in the dark,

than alone in the light.

– “Hellen Keller ”                                                                                                                              


Here is a poem about friendship,

I wrote with a little help from my  wonderful cousin Davina”

Friendship poem:

Friendship so complicated to understand

but easy to feel.

Like an endless chain  of happiness,

it  flows on and on.

Someone who  brings you to light,

in darkest of times.

Emotions  of hope and joy from  friends ,

feeling comforted in warmth

from a bad nightmare. 

Friends are there for you no matter what,

and that’s what is  important! 

Friends make life worth it!

– Janya,

I hope you like my poem,

please comment down below!

P.S. ( thank you crystal, sapphire, ruby and pearl! )




My First Anniversary of Blogging 😀


Hi readers,
I am really excited to announce that today is my 1st Anniversary of blogging! When I started my blog, I was a bit nervous, but now it has become the best experience of my life, it takes hard work but I still love it!
I have 37 posts so far, I would like keep adding to my blog.

I hope you like my artwork. Totally Inspired by the anniversary of my blog of course! 😉

I believe

Laughter is timeless!

Imagination has no age!

Dreams are forever!!

Thanks for all your love ❤️
Please comment below.

– Janya signing off


“Easter egg surprise” and “flower crazy”


I really hope you like my painted Easter eggs and flower wreath and bouquet ( my mom helped me make the bouquet)!

I was inpired by Easter because…

Easter is a special time that only comes once a year, spring is symbolic of easter, Most importantly Jesus rises with glory to heaven! Life is reborn  just like a Phoenix, it is the time of happiness and joy, it’s a whole new day.

 Happy Easter!🐰

Janya signing off! 😉




A present 🎁 for my Grandpa

crayon (4)

Hi Readers,

This drawing was a present for my dear grandfather with love. I drew it for him because his favorite animal is Cow.

Because when he was a kid he had a cow, of whom he was very fond of, because she was his friend. He enjoyed sweet, fresh, tasty cow milk every morning, he took care of the cow (he fed the cow and gave her bath and played with the cow)

The cow’s head shape was a bit hard to draw, i used many colors and mixed some too, i drew the drawing with lots of details and i put a lot of hard work into it.

Stay tuned for the next post (Easter Egg Suprise)

Janya  signing off!!! 🙂



My First Artwork at an Exhibit

In my school we have art classes and we were asked to draw “Optical Illusions”. This was the optical illusion I drew. I was so excited when my art work was chosen to represent my school for the annual Youth Art Month Exhibit displayed at the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center. When I drew the optical illusion I used a black marker and color pencils. At the hospital there was a school orchestra playing music and there were refreshments. Many beautiful artworks by students were displayed nicely in the room; every piece of art in the room was creative. I had so much fun looking at the really amazing art there. It was a great life experience! 


Janya signing off!


Jump Rope for Heart –




Meet the Scare Squad – Jax, Disco, Finster, Rocky and Petunia.

The monsters who help scare away heart disease.

Please donate for Jump Rope for Heart to help save children, every penny counts.

Many children have problems with their hearts, they fight for their lives.

They need help and you can give them just that, it will make a big change in their lives and they will thank you for it.

You may think one person (you) cannot make a difference but you can, it all starts from you.

I have started an online donation, I have challenged myself to choose water over sugary drinks. You can donate 5$/1$ or even a cent but please donate.

Have a heart -Make a donation – Help save lives.

To make a donation online, visit my personal page.

Keeping your heart healthy is important too.

Do you know to keep your heart healthy?

Here’s how!

  • Eat fruits and veggies
  • Avoid sugary beverages
  • Drink lot of water
  • Be physically active
  • Avoid tobacco
  • Watch out for salt
  • Have a good night’s sleep
  • Have a doctor check up every year
  • Eat good vitamins/protein


Love, Janya








3d Illusion

IMG_8790Look deeply into to my drawing, what do you see?

Does the hand seem to pop out?

Did you know that it’s just an illusion?

The hand is’nt really there, it just seems that it is a real hand, that’s why it’s an illusion.

It’s so amazing the illusion drawing looks so realistic, it looks like it’s actually there & real.

I love the way it is a unique  type of art.

It can help you to be inpired just like me!

–  Janya signing off!


Happy Valentines Day

IMG_1190 Hi

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!!

Made something special for my dear Teachers & Friends!!! 👭👫👭👫👬

have a wonderful day!💕💕💕

– Janya


Unicorn Magic

unicorns are magical, they are legendary. unicorns are told to be very friendly and kind creatures.

they are quite shy. as said in the books unicorns are rare to see, and if you find them you get 3 wishes!

unicorns right now are a  myth, legend and are said not to be real, but no one really knows, so they could actually be real!

I would love to see one!

This drawing was inspired by unicorns,

I hope this inspires you too!

😉 see you later!

unicorn magic!

“Janya’s” Delightful Bakery


hi readers, I love cooking and baking so I sometimes help my mom in the kitchen. I love it so much, I watch many baking shows like “The Great British Baking Show”. I like the way cooking is fun, experimental, tasty, imagination maker and makes the impossible, possible!  

I drew these delicious bakery treats when I was in 3rd grade, for my dream bakery, make sure you stop at my bakery in the future!!! 😉

PS –  Do order the winter special: smores and the milk chocolate covered strawberries supreme – they are my favorites! 


Janya signing off! 🙂

Fashion of my style 👗

#I love fashion                #fashion-fun               #my – style

Hi, readers !

I was inspired by fashion and that’s why i did these sketches . I decided to put my thoughts  on paper!

I love how it turned out. Future fashion designer here i come!  😉 

I hope you are inspired by this post!. you are gonna see a lot of posts from me soon!!!

Janya signing off!






Origami Paper Bird


Hi everyone, I am glad to be back!

In the weekend i made an origami bird.

I am really proud of how it turned out.

Above it shows the steps i used to make the origami.

It’s  a Janya original! 😀


–  Janya signing off





Magic!!! ✨

Hi bloggers , sorry for not posting I got really sick!

I wrote a poem about “magic”! 😁

well here’s a poem:


so amazing,

a mystery .

a miracle .

impossible to believe ,

but yet true in your hearts,

it’s there when you believe in it .

it’s your best friend when you’re in trouble,

you can whip up spells with your wand,

and bring up some sparkles.

you gotta love it!


Hope you like my poem about magic.

poof! See you later!! 😉✨



Phoenix of destiny and Toucan of cuteness

IMG_0867Phoenix: A magical bird, in the color of fire red , golden orchid and mango orange. It has giant elegant wings. Its mysterious and magical creature of beauty told in legendary tales. It is told that a Phoenix never dies, even so it is reborn beautiful and new! The legend never died either.

The  book “Phoenix of destiny “inspired me to draw this beautiful creature. I recommend this book to be read, hope you like it!!!!! 😊😁



Toucan: a one of kind birds, who has a multicolored beak. They are shy and cute!! You gotta love toucans. If they like you they can be very friendly. They mostly live in a forest a ” tropical forest “. They aren’t  just cute they look soo pretty, and chirp unique songs!!







Friends Forever – Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman & Poison Ivy!!!


Friendship inspired this drawing. I decided to draw superhero girls.i have shown the different steps of my drawing so you can see how it evolved.

I drew some of my favorite characters in this sketch. Who is your favorite character???

Which character traits  do you have?

Like  Bat girl who is smart and an expert in technology?

Supergirl – the kind hearted one?

or Wonder woman who’s courageous & ready for adventure?

Maybe its Poison Ivy? She’s friendly,  shy and talks mostly to plants.

Can’t wait to hear from you

Janya signing off…..👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼


I ❤️ Shopkins!




I drew these pictures when i was 7, i was a crazy fan of shopkins.

I really “loved “them !

these pictures are a few that i drew and these were the most known shopkins too.

do you know any of the shopkins here or their names?

which shopkin do you like the most?

do you have a shopkin collection?

Waiting for your answers!!!

I would love to hear what you think 😁

ps: Did you notice my coloring has improved since then?