Happy Mother’s Day


This drawing is a mother’s day special, congrats to the mothers. I think this picture shows the “love” of mothers and how they take care of us . I saw this picture and drew it,because it has a joyful expression. I think it’s a cute picture in my opinion🐈. I really do hope the mothers have a joyful, happy, amazing, awesome, cool, nice, good, special, spectacular, fun, dreamy, your favorite memory, magical, beautiful, surprisingly good, lucky, funny, brilliant day!!!!!!!!!!!


My Color Pencil Sketches

Cupcake Girls – A sweet treat

Doesn’t this drawing look really sweet?

I love the books Cupcake Diaries…which inspired me to draw this.


Indian Lady

It took me a really long time to do all the details and the nose and mouth were hard to draw.


The Joyful Girl

I mixed up a lot of colors to get the perfect tone for her skin and hair.


Dogs & cats can be friends too!!

Dogs & Cats can be friends too!!


A majestic creature galloping across the sky,

Graceful as a ballerina.

The magic of hers,

She always shows off.

She’s a unicorn!

Who’s filled with magic

She’s old but wise,

And avoids tragic any time.

She comes in dreams;

And entertains children.

Some say unicorns don’t exist!

But she does; in our hearts and in our dreams!

Unicorns do exist for the one

With belief and hope.

My first blog post

Hi readers,

This is my first blog and i’m so excited about it…. 🙂 I want to share a poem i wrote. This poem inspired me to start the blog. And i have posted my painting of the woods too. I hope you enjoy the poem.


Deep in the woods

A predator was born

With the strength of a giant

It held up the sky!

Men came in and were afraid

They called it a ‘bear’!

It’s fierce as a lion

But has a heart as big as a blue whale,

It feeds on honey

Works twice as hard

Never mistake a bear for a lazy predator!