Pencil Sketch – Girl relaxing!!!


My aunt gifted this wonderful sketch book. The one on the right  is what i sketched . It was a little challenging as it was my first real pencil sketching.

Do you like to sketch??




Friends Forever – Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman & Poison Ivy!!!


Friendship inspired this drawing. I decided to draw superhero girls.i have shown the different steps of my drawing so you can see how it evolved.

I drew some of my favorite characters in this sketch. Who is your favorite character???

Which character traits  do you have?

Like  Bat girl who is smart and an expert in technology?

Supergirl – the kind hearted one?

or Wonder woman who’s courageous & ready for adventure?

Maybe its Poison Ivy? She’s friendly,  shy and talks mostly to plants.

Can’t wait to hear from you

Janya signing off…..👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼


I ❤️ Shopkins!




I drew these pictures when i was 7, i was a crazy fan of shopkins.

I really “loved “them !

these pictures are a few that i drew and these were the most known shopkins too.

do you know any of the shopkins here or their names?

which shopkin do you like the most?

do you have a shopkin collection?

Waiting for your answers!!!

I would love to hear what you think 😁

ps: Did you notice my coloring has improved since then?




Fun & Arty

Hello everyone,

Last weekend I saw some paper plates lying around. I thought I could give some magic of art to it . I decided to turn it into ☀️sun, 🌙moon, ⭐️ star decor. I started with a little splash of paint here and there. Finally I finished the master piece!

I made the cute kitty plush out of a striped sock . I really loved how it turned out!

I made the mini cushion out of an old purple T- shirt and sewed it myself. My mom made the pretty rose!

I hope you like the post,

comment below!

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The Unique Eclipse


My mom’s friend invited us to view the eclipse with her.  It was so beautiful especially since I saw it for the first time!!! 😃

Afterwards I went back home &  i quickly took a few seconds to capture what I saw.

Did you all enjoy watching the eclipse? Isn’t it special?

You are always welcome to share ideas for me to draw. I will surely do it. 😉

– janya



My first art video :)


Drawing is the perfect way to show your feelings. You can mix up colors here and there but the final piece will always be a masterpiece.

I wanted to show you how to draw and the best way of doing that is by making a video!! This is my first video and i’m so excited !! It took a lot of time. Please click on the link below to see my video and I hope you will draw and send me your comments! I would love to see your drawings too!!





”Shadow cat”


Shadow cat is an inspiration I got from animals.

I think it’s a lovely moment, where nothing is happening.  Everything is calm and the cat is relaxed while it is just as curious about the world . I’ve noticed that cats are neat, curious, self spirited, try to be perfect and funny. They can be naughty, infact they might do mistakes on purpose, but yes of course we must not forget they so cute!!









LEGO Market


Hi readers!!

It’s been many days since I blogged. The reason I have not posted recently is because I have been working on many ideas and doing new stuff.

This LEGO structure took me about 4 days to build and i kept on adding details to it. Please comment about what you see and like!! 🙂






Fear and Hope

Fear is your enemy

You have to go against.

Hope is your friend

Whom, you can trust.

Fear haunts you,

But, hope welcomes you.

Never let go of hope

For it is belief and faith in us.

Hope creates your destiny.

So “trust” it.

Fear keeps us from doing

The right thing.

It hides you from the world,

Fear hinders you from your path.

So, have “hope’’ instead of “fear”!!

Nancy Drew and Mystery of Halloween!

Nancy Drew and her friends Beth and George love sleuthing . the girls George and Beth never seem to get along , even though they are cousins! One  dark creepy Halloween night, Beth, George, Nancy were all locked up in the haunted house accidentally since the old watchman didn’t see them. so unaware the girls were in there, he locked the door. after a few minutes the girls were out of  hope . just then the lights turned on, the girl thought it was the watchman but it wasn’t. the girls were scared but curious about who it was …..

I love Nancy Drew books and always wanted to be part of the stories. I drew this picture in 2nd grade when I was 8 years old. Now I am 9. Nancy Drew books or mystery books are awesome in my opinion and I recommend you to read Nancy Drew or mystery books.



Happy Mother’s Day


This drawing is a mother’s day special, congrats to the mothers. I think this picture shows the “love” of mothers and how they take care of us . I saw this picture and drew it,because it has a joyful expression. I think it’s a cute picture in my opinion🐈. I really do hope the mothers have a joyful, happy, amazing, awesome, cool, nice, good, special, spectacular, fun, dreamy, your favorite memory, magical, beautiful, surprisingly good, lucky, funny, brilliant day!!!!!!!!!!!